You Asked, We Listened

Many of our clients would love the opportunity to see the world but miss out on the opportunity to do so because:

  • They’re afraid of travelling abroad alone.
  • Would prefer to have a roommate on our escapes.

Yes, Noire Escapes® has single-occupancy room options, but we do understand that this room option could push one's budget. To cut costs and avoid missing out on instagrammable moments across the globe, Noire Escapes® now offers roommate matching.

You May Just Find Your Future Travel Buddy

Roommate matching is a free service that can save our clients money and create lifelong friendships with your new travel BFFs on future escapes.

We Made It Simple

Enrollment Is Easy!

1. After selecting your escape, proceed to checkout.

2. In the Accommodation field, select Double Occupancy and proceed to the payment process.

3. Once completed, you will be redirected to the Thank You page.

4. Click "Click Here to Sign-up for Roommate Matching Program".

5. Fill-out the form and submit.

PLEASE BE HONEST. Your responses are used to pair you with the most compatible roommate to make your entire experience one for the books. After you have submitted that information and 80% of your reservation has been paid, you will begin to receive email notifications from Noire Escapes.

That’s it! Ready to find your roommate for your next escape? Slap this link to checkout our upcoming escapes Book Your Escapes – Noire Escape (

  • Think About…

    • Are you a smoker
    • Can you share small/tight spaces
    • Is snoring an issue
    • Do recreational activities offend you
    • Do you need the tv to fall asleep
    • Are you a night owl
    • Long shower/bathroom routine
    • Are smells an issue
  • Etiquette

    • Communicate this immediately w/roommate
    • Don’t touch what’s not yours
    • Respect the space you’re sharing
    • Always clean after yourself
    • Be respectful of quiet time
    • Don’t be overly sensitive
    • Be respectful of each others time
    • Consider bringing Poo-Pourri